Baskets4life - Africa

Over the last years several members of baskets4life have been heavily involved in projects in Africa, projects that unite weaving and women with the aim of creating a turnover and an income for the women.

It has been an eye-opening experience for us to see how much focusing on craft can develop and unite humanity and we believe baskets4life has a lot to offer. We would like to contribute even more to this dialogue and interaction that from a larger perspective is so important for all of humanity; it is so important for our sense of responsibility as global citizens and as ambassadors representing the oldest craft on earth.
In Lupane in Zimbabwe we will collaborate with a women’s centre developing traditional weaves with new market friendly designs and on our side will learn about local materials, techniques and methods from the women.

We will also collaborate with street artists in a larger city in Zimbabwe and finally offer our ideas and knowhow in dialogue with a village  in Zambia – a village limited by restrictions, due to society around it.
The synthesis of all these actions will expand our conceptions of weaving, art, communication, and our global understanding. We will as pioneers in Baskets4life and as active teachers and participants in the public debate, become even better ambassadors for cultural development and understanding.

Workshops and events

Proceeds from the workshops and events we offer, will go towards continuing the dialogue between women, weaving, art and development. Please find below further information on what we offer. If you wish to participate or get involved in arranging any of the following activities, please contact the person in charge.  

Organ concert with Nordic tunes
Music for organ with roots in Nordic folk music.
If you have access to an organ, Dorte will gladly come by to play there.
Contact: Dorte Tilma:

Broom course in Karise
Contact: Marianne Mortensen:

Slide show on weaving projects in Africa

1 day  chair seating course in Lyngby
Contact: Maria Skinbjerg:

1 day willow course in Lyngby
Contact: Maria Skinbjerg:

Slideshow on new weave in Africa
The process from idea to product in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Contact: Ane Lynsgaard:

Please look at: Big Willow and Basketry Day - Revival and Final