Big Willow and Basketry Day
- Revival and Final




Eva Seidenfaden and Baskets4life plan a large event at Vissingggaard Denmark
the 7th and 8th of May 20126

We have planned a varied programme with workshops, exhibitions, auctions selling the baskets from Vissinggaard Basketry Museum, demonstrations with wide range of materials and techniques by Danish and foreign instructors and many other activities.

On the Saturday we offer 8 different workshops of which the 5 are instructors from baskets4life and 3 are invited teachers.

Workshops will take place from 9 – 16, then the opening of “Dimensions”, the new exhibition from Baskets4life, and finally a grand dinner with varied entertainment. Our wish is to provide a rewarding and fun day with focus on the professional approach to basketry and share our enthusiasm for weaving in multiple ways.

Workshops including lunch and materials cost £65/ €90,
or £93/ €130 for the entire day including workshop, materials,
lunch, opening of the exhibition, and the banquet with entertainment.
Please sign up for workshops with Ane Lyngsgaard:

Sunday is a day open to the public with auctions selling baskets from Vissinggaard Basketry Museum, stands with baskets, tools, extraordinary materials, exclusive Danish crafts and other exciting stands.

Café Vissinggaard offers coffee, tea and super refreshments.

8 workshops



Please sign up for workshops with Ane Lyngsgaard :

Hexagonalflet workshop
Bent Vinkler
In this workshop we will weave flowers so big that the wind can catch them. Let us fill up all the  hilltops of Denmark with beautiful, swaying flowers!


Hexagonalflet workshop
Joan Carrigan
Using natural materials from the Pacific Northwest such as red and yellow cedar bark, sedge, beargrass and cedar root we will be weaving a small fine woven vase in the spirit of a Japanese Ikabana Flower Basket.


Hexagonalflet workshopLone Wibroe
"From sedge to seat"
In your garden, in a nearby lake or by the shore surely grows the most wonderful, free material to make rope and string from. Try how to twist rope with your bare hands and how to wrap the material into a seat on a stool or a chair.


Hexagonalflet workshop
Marie Skinbjerg
"Hexagonal weaving"
This last year I have been excited about this old technique. You will learn the technique and try out different materials such as willow and rattan.


Hexagonalflet workshop
Ane Lyngsgaard
We will be lacing bowls using ilala palm leaves, This is a new design, created for Lupane Women’s Centre in Zimbabwe. The technique can be used with many other local materials.


Hexagonalflet workshop
Dorte Tilma
“Poetry  Leaves"
With nature’s amazing materials we shall weave and create these poetic leaves in order to embellish your walls.


Hexagonalflet workshop
Anne Mette Hjørnholm
The course will be based on the traditional hen basket woven on 3 hoops where the relation between the sizes and the angles of the hoops gives unlimited possibilities of varying the shape. The baskets are woven in random weave with willow and eventually bark.


Hexagonalflet workshop
Anne Folehave
Using a knife, a splitting axe, a shaving bench and a pair of good hands we will split big willow, shave it down and fitch the splits together. Whether it becomes an oval basket or a sturdy bread cooler is your choice.