Mutual Inspiration

As a group, we work liberally after a pedagogic method exercised at a workshop by Hisako Sekijima, where we all share possible and seemingly impossible solutions and test them in cooperation.  

We wish to break existing norms in relation to the appearance of baskets, and the use of materials in making them, thereby joining the public debate associated with design, functionality and use of resources.

On the first workshop at Vissinggaard in January 2006, we worked towards a shared starting point to subsequently build upon. The result of this workshop was a metal framework in 2 sizes, which we continuously changed and developed with respect to materials and weaving techniques. We primarily focused on the use of recycled materials.

At one particular time, we predominantly focused on metal frames weaved with goatskin and bicycle inner tubes in order to create prototypes for a different part of the project described in the Africa section.

Inspiration and development

Once a year in January, we meet up for a week at Vissinggaard, where we enthusiastically weave as much as we can, eat wonderful food, go for walks in the forest and exchange ideas and thoughts related to the project. One of our next projects will be to develop the shopping basket concept to baskets usable for bicycles.

In August 2007, the entire group were invited to do a special exhibition at the Basket and weaving festival at Vallabregues, in France. Here, we got the opportunity to experience and see what is new to the French weaving tradition. During the festival, we additionally spent a couple of days weaving in absolutely stunning surroundings at Marie’s home in Provence.

In July 2008 the group visited Villvin Craftmarket in Norway, where we were invited to create a huge willow installation, and also sold baskets in multiple different techniques as well as exhibiting the shoppingbaskets.

In August 2008 once again we took part as a group in the Willow- and Basketry Festival in Vallabregues in France. Besides our individual baskets we had a humouruos joint project making containers for wineboxes.

In September 2009 we are invited to the Basketry Festival in Lichtenfels in Germany to contribute with aninstallation in front of the main church, stands with our individual design, as well as the African baskets and exhibitions in the castle with our designed shopping baskets and designed shoppingbaskets from Africa.

Our focus in the future will be to maintain one particular idea ( such as the shoppingbaskets) and always collaborate jointly.

Our ambition is to devellop the concept where we as a group offer teaching, installations,stands at craftmarkets and as lecturers using different media, containing all elements if possible. We believe it is is a huge benefit and strenght to be able to offer us as a multiple and massive inspiration.